Hi everyone!

I'm currently working on a game called Going Nowhere, about a mysterious dream town. It's a platforming/exploration game.


Right now, level 1 is being tested for playability. Anyone who wants to test the game is invited. At this stage in development, each and every persons feedback about the game is super important and has an impact on how the game will change, so please message me if you get the chance to play it with your thoughts, questions or concerns.

Click here to play the game!

The full version will have another complete level and a narrative ending to the game and will be available free on Newgrounds and other sites.

Here's a preview of level 2. :]


Thanks to all the testers so far, and please share the game if you enjoyed it!

Heart of Clay - An Adventure Game

2015-06-07 18:00:34 by Sushin00

Hey everyone!

I recently finished another project for school; Heart of Clay.

It's a top down adventure-story game where you play as a clay golem, exploring a village and interacting with the inhabitants to learn more about its grim origin. The game style was inspired by games like Magic Pink Man and Frank's Adventure and plays similarly to those games.

Please give it a try! It's available here: http://games.digipen.edu/games/heart-of-clay#.VXS9avldXxQ



I recently finished a game I've been working on for a few weeks for my school. Unfortunately it doesn't run in a web browser but I would encourage anyone who loves puzzle platformers to give it a shot! 

It's difficult for me to get this game out there considering it's hidden on the DigiPen gallery. If you guys and gals like it, I would encourage you to share and let me know what you think!




Somata Conflict Progress

2014-01-08 00:36:17 by Sushin00

Hi everyone! Somata Conflict (formerly Blood Machine) is well on it's way to completion. Though the amount of work left pales in comparison to what is done, in ways, things are looking very promising.  A screenshot of the upgrade menu

Here's a list of things implemented thus far:

  • Wave Implementation
  • Start Menu
  • All Abilities and Weapons
  • Upgrade Menu for Abilities/Weapons
  • Simple Menus
  • 3 Enemy Variations

And what's left:

  • Level design (9 levels)
  • Story writing and design
  • Level Select Menu (w/ art)
  • 3 "Harder" Enemies (w/ art)
  • Upgrade Balancing
  • Sound effect finding/editing

The most difficult thing is going to be the level design, but the amount of art that is left for the game is also daunting. I consider the game to be in a Alpha stage, with Beta coming as soon as I design and implement the playable levels. 

If you're interested in playtesting, send me a message. Otherwise, follow me @StephanHaldaman on Twitter to keep up to date on release information.

Blood Machine Prototype

2013-12-04 14:51:32 by Sushin00


Hello everyone. The above link is a simple proof of concept/engine/prototype for a game I'm working on. It's a defensed based game where you switch between arrows and needles to destroy incoming targets, small, large, and massive. Certain ships may be more damaged by one over the other. Between levels, you can either buy or be rewarded things like projectile upgrades and more turrets.

I expect it to be completed by February 2014. If anyone is interested in testing the game during development, let me know. I would love everyone's input on what I have so far as well.