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Yo. I'm loving this so far, the atmosphere is fantastic, eerie and comforting at the same time. I like the controls a lot actually, as well as the way you have to be active in mantling up. The color scheme is gorgeous too. It's kinda late so I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the spoon atm but hopefully I'll have useful things to say tomorrow after a second playthrough. Looking forward to the rest of this!

I thought that the mini-tutorial happened a bit too slowly. I found myself randomly pushing buttons when I needed to crouch--and finding out that "ctrl" works--only to have it tell me that "c" is to crouch, a few moments later. It'd be nice if they were synced to the places where you first /need/ to perform the actions. The first dumpster you have to jump on top of, it would give you the "jump" mini-tutorial, the first hole in the wall, "crouch" mini-tutorial, and so on.

It bugged me more and more as the game wore on that the weird--but in an endearing way--girl kept beating me to all the places I went. I suppose that's intentional, though, and will be explained later.

I think this is an awesome idea for a game. It's like "Assassin's Creed," only without the "assassin" part (which I don't like, anyway.)

The control prompts come at a delay because most people know the standard first person controls. For instance, if you start the game and don't move at all for like, 10 seconds, the game will tell you how to move and look. I can see why crouching would be less intuitive though. I'll make that prompt come up faster. I actually removed CTRL from the tutorial because if you press CTRL and W in some browsers, the window will close, so I will be removing CTRL as a game button soon. The control prompt for jumping would appear when you encounter the pipe first. You probably didn't see it because you jumped over the pipe too fast, so I don't think you need it, but I will probably add redundant control prompts later in the game for players who get stuck in an area for too long.

And yes, narrative still has some ways to go and you are only seeing less than half of it in the first level. It's hard to "test" the narrative right now without the full picture unfortunately, but we're working on it.

Anyway, thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked the game so far :] It's only going to get better from here.

I'm not going to to post my feedback here because the blog and game are both constantly updating itself, so I sent it to you through PM instead. Hope the knowledge within helps.

So, this was a fucking wonderful experience. I loved almost everything about this game, it was a master piece! The atmosphere was beautifully portrayed as an apocalyptic heaven! It's such a unique and fun game! I also love the two mysterious characters that you encounter along the way, they add to the game in their own way and it really adds to the players experience. Some tweaks I would have you consider are to make the walking/running a bit more responsive (It's already great but sometimes while on a ledge, I would just nudge to the left and fly off the building) and I'd also love for you to add a pause menu but as I saw in your description, it already said you were working on that. This game is a definite win. I absolutely love it, PLEASE send me another message on Newgrounds when this game is finished, I would be beyond happy to play the full version!

Thanks a lot for the supportive comment :]
Movement has already been made more responsive and the pause menu is on it's way. I'll be sure to let you know when the game is finished.

Thank you for inviting me to beta test! I may not be able to test very often due to my lack of time. It'll be hard to update Unity for me because I have Google Chrome so I can try Firefox. I don't know how to update Unity Web Player. Do you mind telling me how?

Thanks, -tomboyrebecca

Did this come out already? I'm probably SUPER late...

It did! You can try to run the game on FireFox. Otherwise I would suggest downloading the game from GameJolt.