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You basically just took a scene from TF2's Meet The Pyro and redid it with another popular series except with much worse animation and w/o any of the funny. This is just a sad grab for recognition via parody. The timing was also awkward. Sorry for being frank but those are my feelings.

RoidDroid responds:

Well you know, that's your opinion.

Great video if you want to show everyone how pointless odds are.

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A slow and unexciting concept.
MOST of the game is waiting for the circle to rotate. Most of the rest of the game is looking to see where you will go. The rest of the game is tapping the buttons at the right time.
Basically, players already know how each level is going to end, so the puzzle part of the game is solved within seconds. The rest of it is just pressing the buttons at the right time, which isn't hard. It just takes patience, and patience isn't inherently fun. Anticipation is fun, but that's not what this game builds by making the player wait. The worst part is, if you mess up, you have to do all that waiting all over again even though you know how to beat it and that you CAN beat it. It's just not engaging.
I see you made the space button speed up the rotation, but I still think that's not enough to make the game interesting to me.

CjElliott responds:

Third person today to state the game is too slow and unexciting while still only be on the third tutorial level, (Damn that third level) sorry that you don't like my idea but please try the later levels where the game is faster and more challenging.

Not bad, really. One glaring issue that I first noticed is that the camera doesn't follow the player properly. When the player is walking to the right, the camera lags behind and shows 75% of what's behind the player. It should be the other way around. Players want to see what's in front of them, not what's behind them.

wooood responds:

I agree, camera movement could be better

While the melee combat feels great, the actual game is a bit lacking. Each boss battle really just ends up being a game of predicting the incredibly linear pattern of the current boss, walking away to avoid the projectiles and going back to hit them. There's no real challenge to it, and once I realized that about 2 minutes into the game, I was robbed of having any more fun.

Aside from that, there's no reason you shouldn't have been able to notice or fix the bug of 2 of the same power ups spawning. That should be simple to fix, and without it, you remove a players choice that could have been a really engaging element of the game in that moment.

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I love this damn song. Been playing it on repeat every other day.
Anywhere I can see the lyrics?

newhansen responds:

Havn't got the lyrics for you yet. Though the sheet of almost all instruments can be found @ my newgrounds userpage ----> http://hnieuw.newgrounds.com/news/post/712674

Lyrics might be released as well. Thx for your support!

Sounds like....shit?

bananasrus09 responds:



So I heard a song the other day, and it struck me as really really familiar. I didn't know why though. I looked up the song and it was by Kid Cudi called Prayer. I was trying to remember what it was from when I remembered this song. (I've had your music on my hard drive for several years)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grPfVl j7Go4

Take a listen. It sound's almost exactly the same.

pitbulljones responds:


i think there's some shenanigans going there, how did you spot that, pm me.

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The character has a bit of a child's body, in that their legs seem too small for them, and their head is too big (usually a fine stylistic choice) but combined with the cleavage, the body structure for this character just seems very wrong.

zephyo responds:

true I have no excuse for my sins

This is probably one of the most alluring pieces of art I have ever looked at, at least recently. Though it's a fairly simple painting, the face says so much to me, and the unique framing (hair, roses) and color scheme add a lot to the picture. The simple background and dark eyes keeps the focus firmly on the face. Amazing!

zephyo responds:

thank you :)))

Really interesting style for her face and nose. The style is very unique, and a little androgynous.
I also really like the balance of light and dark in the picture.

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